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Fresh Paint

Tom Hogue  May 2017

So I learned an interesting lesson today when I was on the way to meet my wife for an appointment. Actually I was reminded of the lesson I had learned many years ago.

My wife is always right. Lol

You see, I was driving on some back roads and before I realized it I had come around a curve in the road while slightly crossing the double yellow center lines. No big deal right? No cars were approaching at all.

But sure enough, as I come around that curve and slowed for the upcoming stop sign, there sat the township paint truck ahead of me, complete with "Fresh Paint" warning signs all over it and paint still dripping from its nozzles. 

I looked in my review mirror and saw that indeed those brightly painted new yellow lines had taken a slight detour as my tires helped with the road paint job. Let me be clear, running into those paint lines is not the moral of this story. I'm prone to taking the shortest path to results so I tend to see rules and guidelines more as suggestions that I can choose to follow or not (most likely not).

So when I met my wife at the gas station and stepped out to assess the damages, I was dismayed to see the vast amount of yellow now on my tires, rims, and black paint. I mentioned that I better purchase a car wash along with my fuel to get that paint off as quickly as possible.  To which she commented, "Oh it's too late. That paint's not coming off with a car wash. You ought to just call the detail guy and see what he advises."

Now, anybody who knows me knows my response to that great suggestion. Even though it was going to make me late for an appointment, I purchased that car wash and then waited patiently in line. And you all know where the story goes, and you're exactly right. My car looks much nicer and shinier after the car wash - with yellow undercarriage accents to the jet black paint job.

But I just had to try it anyway. So why do we do that? Why do we insist on learning lessons ourselves when others warn us or advise us otherwise? I suppose I'd be much farther along in life and business if I weren't so darn stubborn most of the time.

I don't know if there's much hope for me at this age, but I really have to give this some more thought.

I'm not sure I have any brilliant insight to offer my readers with this blog, as much as an observation. We should all try to listen a little more to those we trust or who can speak from life experiences to avoid learning lessons the hard way.

It's not easy that's for sure, but by doing so we might just avoid some of the "Fresh Paint" headaches in life.

May 2017
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