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September 2018

Tom Hogue  September 2018

The human brain can be a wonderful thing if used the right way. Especially when it comes to our memory. Sometimes we are faced with challenges that might seem a little overwhelming or simply daunting. How we respond in those moments will determine the outcome and either lead us to success or failure, to heartbreak, or happiness.

If we approach situations as if it’s the first time we’ve gone through them then we will be learning as we go and just trying our best. The results will prove how correct we were in our course of action.

But sometimes we just need to slow down and think of past experiences that were the same or similar to the one that faces us now. If we could dwell for a moment on those past experiences and remember how we addressed them, maybe we could avoid the same mistake, or repeat the same course that lead to success.


Too often we are simply caught up in the moment and press forward without pausing to think, “have I experienced this before? What did I do then? What was the outcome? What should I have done differently?”

There may be a lot of questions there, but they will certainly lead us to a better response than, “well what do I do here?”


We can then build on past experiences, or avoid a repeat scenario. Too often we are faced with a painful memory and we’d rather never bring it back to mind. However, doing so is much wiser than repeating the same course of action.


Of course the emotions will come back to play and we will have to control those as well. Remember that turning into a hot mess of nerves won’t help us conquer the present situation. I also suggest we remember with a detective type of curiosity to the situation. Try to remove ourself from actually having done it and remember the situation, decisions, action, and eventual outcome. As if your past experience were just a case study of a past opportunity to learn.

So when you find yourself standing at that tough decision wondering how you’re going to handle it, just remember to slow down and remember. Because if we don’t remember and learn from past mistakes, we are certainly doomed to repeat them.

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