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Progress isn't about where you've been, it's about where you're going.

Tom Hogue  February 2017

I was watching a football game a few months back when a commercial for Dodge came on with some glimpses of their older version cars and some from today.   Being a Dodge Mopar guy, I certainly enjoyed this short journey down memory lane because I own a few of them myself.  I just love the way my Hemi purrs!


I also liked the final slogan to appear in the commercial that really reminded me not to rest on my laurels. That progress, while impressive as you look back over the past and what you've been through and how you've grown, isn't the end of the story.


I found that to be true, especially in business. The road to success can be long, winding, and rife with challenges. Sometimes I like to take pride in how far we've come at Gibraltar, but it's not good enough to stop there.


Just as auto dealers can't stop with the current model and continue to resell that flavor alone for the next 10 years and consider that a wise business move. What would happen if they did? Well, the competition would continue to innovate and customers would move on to the next exciting thing - leaving Dodge in a lurch to rebound and survive.


For my IT company, it's not good enough to rest on our solid support offering that has grown to include best practices administration, regular vCIO visits, software support standardization, and excellent quality. We have to continually ask ourselves what else we can do to help our valued clients. How can we help them be more profitable and reduce risk?  We have to progress and introduce new ideas or we too will become stale and less desired, even if we are the top solution in town.


Yeah, it was a good commercial to remind me not to rest, but to keep my foot on the gas and continue becoming an innovator.


Remember, progress isn't about where you been, but where you're going.

So keep going!

February 2017
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