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February 2015

Tom Hogue  February 2015

So I was surprised recently, when I called my alma mater to speak with some high-level persons that I’ve grown a friendship with over the years. When the voicemail came on to take a message for the phone number I dialed, it was not my dear friend’s voice, but that of another young lady that I’ve never heard of. So, I hung up and tried another one of my long-time contacts, only to discover that she is also no longer with the organization.


I hung up the phone, of course wondering: “what has happened with my friends,” and “what direction is the organization taking?” I’ve always been involved as an advisor and value the institution that gave me a jumpstart on my career. So it’s natural for me to be initially concerned at this point.


Then it struck me: this must be how our clients sometimes feel. They may have built relationships with staff members at Gibraltar, and then sometimes things happen. People move on, life changes, career demands change, or perhaps the company needs to move a different direction.


While the company, in this case Gibraltar, has experienced many personnel changes over the years, it has always been our fervent goal to grow better as an organization. To grow stronger and provide better results for our clients. Internally, I see these as positive changes, and that has historically been the end result. However, the outside world is not always involved in these decisions, or know why these things happen, and so, they may be initially concerned. Just as I was today.


I’m reminded through this direct experience, how very important it is that our partners feel connected to the brand and the company, even if personnel change. That it is Gibraltar’s values they really believe in. That the new personnel replacing those who left will be just as good and pick up where the others left off. That while clients may miss those individuals they’ve grown a relationship with, this is the opportunity to grow a new relationship with new staff members.


So, as I ask my clients to do so when the situation arises for them, I must remind myself to take it easy and do the same here. I’ll just look forward to meeting the replacements at my alma mater and building a friendship with them as well. I’m sure I’ll love them.

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