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Gibraltar IT Hosting

Worried a power or Internet failure will shut down your entire business?


Troubled by an upcoming hardware refresh with a substantial Capex spend?


Fed up with sizeable spends when upgrading to the latest software?


24/7/365 Helpdesk

SSAE16 Certified

UPS and Generators

Redundant Internet

Access From Anywhere

Latest Hardware

Secure Facility

On-Site Backups

Gibraltar IT offers hosted servers and applications for our Peace of Mind clients that wish to concentrate on their business without the constant headaches of managing hardware and software.  Our hosting services include live 24/7/365 US-based Helpdesk support.  


With Gibraltar Hosted Services you get:

  1. Redundant Internet connections, backup power and generators, local backups, and physical security.  

  2. The ability to access your network from anywhere, and the ability to scale as business needs change.

  3. The latest hardware and software for a predictable flat monthly fee, no large Capex spends.

  4. Optimization of current environment when migrating to the cloud, and the ability to scale as business needs change.


The end result?  Increased performance, uptime, productivity, and reliability.  Lower Capex spend and risk.  Peace of mind.  Contact us today and learn about the Gibraltar difference!

Latest Software

Flat Monthly Spend

System Optimization

Scale Rapidly

Remote Monitoring

Remote Management

Updates & Patches



Performance Reporting

Registry Cleaner

The Gibraltar Difference

Access to your network regardless of location

The latest hardware and software

Flat monthly spend for your servers


Optimization of your environment when migrating to the cloud

Remote Management and Monitoring

Live 24/7/365 US-Based 

Helpdesk Support


SSAE16 certified, security cameras and biometric access

Dual UPS, dual on-site generators

Multiple redundant Internet connections

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