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July 2016
Weather the Storm

Tom Hogue  July 2016

So, while driving through the fine state of Florida this week I found my travels slowed by some surprise storms. It was both beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Eerie actually.

One minute I'd be driving along in the bright sunshine and the next I'd be slowed to a mere 10 mph in extremely limited visibility with torrential downpours. Sometimes I'd even have to pull over to the side of the road with other traffic.

What was so unique about the experience is that at times I would be driving in the sun, and just off to my left, across the highway median, the other 2 lanes of traffic would be in a downpour. I could clearly see where the rain stopped and started. I could also see that just beyond the storm were clear blue skies with gentle puffy white clouds.

These storms seemed to last just a short time and when I'd come out on the other side, the roads were dry and the sky clear.


You see, I'm not really used to that in the North. A rainstorm is usually very far reaching and lasts much longer, without clearly visible borders.  From past experience I knew that if I just proceeded with caution, I would eventually come out on the other side of the storm safely.


Then it hit me - life and business are often just like that. Sometimes we must go through tough times. Perhaps personal trials that we'd rather avoid entirely. Or, in business, making tough decisions to lay off staff or cut expenses when times get a little tight. I've weathered this type of storm a time or two. Often I wish I could more accurately gauge exactly how long is needed to endure those business storms, like the clearly defined Florida storm clouds, but I really can't.

It's like when my windshield wipers are flapping at high speed, and my car is crawling through the rain, seeing the clear skies ahead is often not possible. I just need to know in my heart that it can't rain forever, and that this too shall pass.

What are the options really? I notice that some people pull over and wait the storm out. I believe this may prove safer for them, while at the same time keeping them in the storm for a longer period of time. That's their prerogative really. It's just a matter of perspective and drive.

Me, I tend to drive through it with caution, optimistically believing that dry roads and clear skies are just a short distance ahead.

So remember friends, however you choose to weather the storm, it will pass. Clear skies are just ahead.

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