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Sharepoint frustration

Concerned that your business processes are costing you more money than you think?

Longing to save time on your day to day routine?

Worried that your documents are not digital and safe?

Every business, regardless of size, works with documents on a daily basis.  The input, searching, and storage of those documents tie directly into a company’s business processes, including Accounts Payable, contract management, Human Resources, and Records Management.  Every day business processes cost companies large amounts of time and money resulting from inefficiencies.  Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software is a formalized means of organizing and storing an organization's documents, and other content, that relate to the organization's processes.

How can Laserfiche help your business?  By providing a compliant and secure digital repository for your documents with an easy to use interface.  Documents can be scanned, emailed, or drag and dropped into Laserfiche.  Workflows and integration with your current business systems allow automation of processes and time savings for your business, increasing the efficiency and productivity of your employees.

​Gibraltar is a Gold Certified Laserfiche VAR (Value Added Reseller).  Gibraltar can assist with every step in the life-cycle of your ECM, including installation, ongoing support, analyzing business process improvement, and creating workflows.  ​

The end result?  Increased performance, efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Lower long term spend.  Peace of mind.  Contact us today and learn about the Gibraltar Laserfiche difference!

The Laserfiche Difference
Increased Productivity

Extremely flexible ECM

Easy to use interface

Document markup

Lower Costs

Out of the box functionality

Secure and compliant

Block hours for reduced support spend

Increased Functionality

Scanning functionality included

Workflow capabilites included

Integration with other standard software

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