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May 2016
Hazard Reported Ahead!

Tom Hogue  May 2016


I have this free app on my iPhone which has been invaluable in helping me navigate roadways, and keep me out of tough situations (see: "Pretty Lights").

It's the Waze app and I couldn't live without it. How many traffic jams I've avoided or hazardous road conditions I've been alerted to before approaching them. 


A huge thanks and Kudos to the Israeli developers who were later purchased by Google for a whopping $1.1 billion!

So driving along the other day my helpful little map app alerted me: "Hazard reported ahead!" and it got me thinking.... I wish life came with such a handy little app. Come to think of it, perhaps it already does in the form of the Bible,  a mentor's good advice, or my intuition or sixth sense.


While that may be the case, I wish something could be more 'real time', and would spring out of nowhere to just yell warnings at me when I'm not paying much attention. Like when I'm trying to navigate decisions, temptations, or simply meandering along without a care in the world. It would be helpful in business as it would warn me about a tough client or employee conversation that I don't see turning South -before it actually does. "Hazard reported ahead!"  I would be more careful how I would handle that talk with my team member or client. I could avoid putting my foot in my mouth and regretting the conversation.


Or when I'm about to have a sensitive conversation with my spouse? "Hazard reported ahead!" I could stop, think, perhaps take a detour.  Or wait until we've both calmed down before having that gentle conversation with love, rather than anger.


How about a business decision such as a merger or new endeavor that seems like such a brilliant idea? Despite all positive signs that the road that seems quite clear ahead, even to advisers who are encouraging the decision. Perhaps we can't see around that corner of the future. Perhaps it's not as good as it appears, or maybe we're not in the right place to make that decision yet. Quite simply, the timing may not be right for the present opportunity. Lord knows I've done this before. "Hazard reported ahead!"


Oh how I long for such a life app. So many honest or stupid mistakes I could have avoided. But of course what good lessons could I have learned by avoiding mistakes? How can I help others if I haven't lived those experiences and learned from those hazards?


Alas, life has no such app. If it did, I'm certain it would sell for more than a scant $1 billion.


Instead, I'll have to continue to navigate life and be attentive to signs of hazards up ahead, and then be quickly responsive to the danger as it approaches. If successful, perhaps I can avoid great calamity and minimize the damages.

I'll strive to learn from each experience, to become a mentor for others. To warn them: "Hazard reported ahead!"

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