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New Blog Post - Dig Deep! A fighter on the ropes.

I remember something that I said to a close friend nearly 3 years ago.

"When a true fighter has his back against the ropes, he comes out swinging."

I was talking to Adam about big changes and improvements that were being made at our company. Improvements were needed, and by God we were going to make them!

So everyone was seeing a very strong push in that direction.

It reminded me of a position I'd found myself in during my kickboxing days. Taking a beating, back against the ropes, and faced with that split-second decision that all fighters must face from time to time.

To take just a few more shots and go down in a heap as the world around you fades away, or dig as deep as you can and fight back furiously to survive.


I've experienced this crucial moment many times in life. Especially at the beginning of my wrestling career, out there on the mat, on my back, fighting to not get pinned.

Or after suffering a major financial setback in my personal life. And of course, some of the fights that have come my way while owning a business.

It's in those moments that the heart of a person is tested. To have what it takes to dig as deep as you can and push through the adversity, or to fade away.

I've learned that this effort can't be given half-heartedly. I've found that to bounce back off of the ropes and truly turn the fight around, I must come out swinging like I've never swung before.

With a deep conviction not just to survive, but to win!

This is not an easy feat to achieve. Some people have it naturally, some need to work hard to attain it, and some never seem to possess that fortitude.

It has definitely been a statement of truth as it pertains to Gibraltar. I explained to him why I was so furiously active and determined to improve our situation. Because this company is special, and comprised of fighters that refuse to go down. Built by fighters who will win!

Do you have what it takes to dig deep when your back is against the ropes?


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