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I go through my brakes in the fast lane.

I've made this comment a time or two while cruising down the highway on my way to something important - or not.​

It may sound a little brash I understand that, but it's true. I find myself often slowing down in the fast lane on the highway. Why is that?​

Well, you see, I've come to find that sometimes other travelers don't quite finish passing the cars to their right, but instead just mosey along enjoying the ride.

​I'll be honest, this bothers me a little. Not to the point of road rage of course. I've matured a lot as I've aged. I don't get on my horn or run up on their tail end. But I do find myself slowing down quickly, about a car length or so behind them, and riding along patiently wondering why are they even in this lane.​

You see, for me, I go places with a purpose. My thoughts, while maybe on other things, are still very focused on the goal at hand, which is getting from point A to point B.​

Again, I'll reiterate that I may not be late at all and may actually be early for my next meeting. But that just doesn't matter to me. I am going places and I'm going to get there. I just can't understand starting something and not quite finishing it - or not finishing strong. ​

Which is exactly what I feel is represented by someone who gets over into the left lane on a highway to pass the next car and then slows down and rides along beside them. They haven't finished what they started, and appear to have no intentions or initiative to do so. ​

I often wonder why that is. How can people be wired this way? Then I remember, that's what makes the world go around. We are all different and that's OK.

My only hope is that they recognize that I am going places, and they can just move over and let me pass. That would be quite considerate and appreciated. ​No hard feelings.

​So if you find yourself coasting along in the fast lane and a Charger rolls up behind you, please move over :)


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