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Enough Excuses - Get it Done!

So as I put on a shirt the other day that I may have worn 10 times before, something caught my attention. I had never before noticed the stitching in the hem of the shirt below the very bottom button. I paused as I read it.

It said, “enough excuses – get it done”, all in caps.

It really caught my attention because I had recently finished a book titled “No Excuses” by Brian Tracy. So it was like taking a one, two punch to the gut.

You see, as driven as I am, I still find myself at times creating reasons, nay excuses, why some task isn’t finished yet or even started. Maybe it’s something that I’ve not accomplished before, or that I’m not comfortable with.

So I focus on all of the easier things that I have on my busy plate and make excuses for not getting around to other important issues.

But I know deep down, that if I sincerely want results and to accomplish the dreams that I’ve set forth for myself and my family, I have to squash excuses as they come my way.

Let me share some of the key phrases from this good read that really resonate with me. Perhaps you’ll find them as inspirational as I did:

“There are thousands of excuses for failure but never a good reason.” Mark Twain

Someday island – someday I’ll start that book, someday I’ll start exercising, someday I’ll start my finances, etc.

80% of the population lives there.

They all swap excuses.

Vote yourself off the island! No more excuses!

If it is to be it is up to me!

I realize that I have to think long term – to keep future success as my primary focus.

I need to stop and look into the future and determine the kind of person that I want to become, then come back to the present and determine the things I need to do to get there. I need to set goals and then crush them!

Also, while uncomfortable, I need to embrace sacrifice. Successful people have the ability to consistently make short-term sacrifices, large and small, to assure greater results and rewards in the future.

This ability to think long term is a developed skill that I must consistently work on developing.

I’m also keenly aware that successful people make a habit of doing the things that unsuccessful people don’t like to do.

All in all, that embroidery on my shirt forces me to stop and think about the tough things that I need to tackle. I should probably wear that shirt more often!

How about you?

What would you do, today, if you put on a shirt that said “Enough Excuses – Get it Done”.


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