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Gaining Momentum

Life sure can present itself as a roller coaster sometimes. I thought of this just the other day. I recently attended a convention in Orlando and had the pleasure of visiting Universal Studios for a private event complete with food, rides, and entertainment. Thank you NexTech.

While there, my wife coerced me into riding the Harry Potter roller coaster. It reminded me of three things:

First, of just how old I'm getting, and that the fluid of my inner ear has dried as I've aged making me more prone to motion sickness.

Second, of just how twisted Rachelle's sense of humor is, as she laughed heartily at the pain in my face and my struggle not to vomit.

Third, that life sometimes moves along slowly and casually, then can gain immense speed, throwing you around violently. Just like the Harry Potter roller coaster ride, it might slow down again and often repeats this process. Sometimes in the dark, sometimes a dragon breathing fire jumps out at you, and other times you're just playing Quidditch and following Harry on a broomstick. While this can be enjoyable and exhilarating, at other times not so much.

It's on this third point that I want to focus this blog. You see, recently, we've ventured into another service offering with my company. Everybody who knows me, knows it's my passion to help my clients in any way that I can. For that reason Gibraltar has taken many evolutions and added services of great value for our friends.

Our most recent service offering has grown our Laserfiche support team, adding many years of experience and knowledge to an already impressive cast, and added substantially to our client base. What may have started somewhat slow, has really gained momentum. Like that Harry Potter ride! This sure is exhilarating and somewhat scary all at the same time.

As a matter fact, we love the thought of gaining momentum so much, that we spun the service offering off into a vertical of it's own and created a new entity, Momentum ECM, LLC!

We are very proud of this and hope you will join us on this roller coaster ride of excitement! As Rachelle would say, "buckle up, this is gonna be fun!"


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