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Gibraltar came into our company during a challenging time in our IT history and literally saved the day for us in more ways than one. They supported our entire staff during a transition away from a former IT company and cleaned up the consequences of the former company's actions/inactions, provided strategic solutions for our future IT infrastructure, and then implemented that plan of action efficiently and effectively. I have been thrilled with Gibraltar's professionalism and their desire to be a valued partner for our multi-location medical practice. Working with the Gibraltar Team has allowed our staff, doctors and administration to finally feel some peace of mind. Thank you, Gibraltar!.

Hayley Boling

Boling Vision Center

I would like to express...... and wish I could have more space to say more for what I am feelin at this moment!!!!  Putting it in 2 words to say that Adam Fogelstrom..... was HEAVEN SENT!!  I have been having issues with my dual display for bill images from Medlogix working from home in Citrix over 6mths..and in under an hour Adam made the images appear!!
HOW AWESOME IT THAT....:)  I knew from the first day that I met him when he had to change out my computer to your company's that he was a awesome individual...I know he is IT but for someone to take out the time and sit with me and do what he did I cant express enough but I want to say it felt and feels good to know there are still good people who care out there and you have one of them in your company...
Thank you again Adam and Thank you Gibraltar

Donna Giquinto

Consolidated Services Group

The customer service you get with this company is unbeatable.  My issue is immediately solved on the phone, and if it's not possible to solve right away, their team always calls back the same day with a resolution. 

Ashley is wonderful with any problem you have and you can almost hear her smiling through the phone. She even helped remotely put Excel on my computer while I met with a patient so I wouldn't have to sit and wait for it to be done.  Mark Anthony is an absolute delight as well and very helpful.  I have enjoyed working with them and I will recommend them to any office in need of IT support.



Marietta Plastic Surgery

It is my pleasure and with great sincerity, to say what a wonderful crew you have at Gibraltar. 


I have not had to work directly with your staff on daily ins/outs of our system but I am VERY aware of the wonderful help that Ashleigh and Dustin have been to Elizabeth and Jessica (as well as others I'm sure).  It is such a relief to me, as an Administrator, to know (without a doubt) that our systems are secured, being monitored and at any given time of trouble, "fixed".  Thank you for taking our numerous support calls, offering help and support on "our" computer knowledge level.  One of the more impressive times was when our systems were down and we received a call from you making us aware.  It was prior to the start of the work day.  Your team contacted Charter and had the process rolling before any of us arrived at work.  WOW!!!!!!!  That's incredible!!!! 


A team is only as good as it's leader.  We have had the pleasure to meet directly with you, Tom, on a couple of occasions.  You have such pride in your company.  This shows in the way you speak so highly of your team, giving them the credit they so deserve.  You aren't afraid to say, "I'm not sure but I can ask...", showing your trusted dependence on them. I hope they are aware of how fortunate they are to have a leader that is willing to be in the trenches with them and give them the praise they deserve.


I am grateful for our partnership and look forward to working together long term.

LeAnne Summar

Hughes Eye Center

Awesome Adam came on a Monday to set me up with a laptop (new experience for me).
His demeanor and attitude at ALL times appeared to be happy to be here helping our company.
I would like to nominate him for employee of the year!

Jennifer Kohn

Consolidated Services Group

Gibraltar has done a great job of cleaning up extra wires and connecting us to service with efficiency. I especially want to thank Ashleigh for her many times that we spoke and she assisted us over the phone many times before we had our onsite scheduled!!  You always got us up and running and working! THANK YOU!

Nancy Townsend

Marietta Plastic Surgery

I am very impressed with the Gibraltar Help Desk. I never wait very long when calling the Help Desk, and I am always greeted with a positive, upbeat technician! No matter the complexity of my question, they are extremely helpful and eager to help. They make everything easy to understand and go out of their way to make sure the problem is solved. your audience's attention...

Elizabeth Nordtvedt

Hughes Eye Center

I just wanted to share some thoughts on your company and Kevin. You guys as a firm have been terrific in helping us get this business rolling. As I have had the most exposure to Kevin (not to take anything away from the rest of the team!), I wanted to let you know that I think he is a real rock star. He’s been here late at night, early in the morning, and basically available whenever I have needed him.

Aside from his technical skills, his personality and willingness to help us with any issue is really admirable, and he has been a pleasure to work with!

We look forward to a long a fruitful relationship with Gibraltar and all of your staff!

Brian Simon

CapitalFront, LLC

I just wanted to pay you compliments on several of your employees. I am all about positive reinforcement when it is due.
Ashleigh Rintz & Samuel S.-They have been so kind, patient and helpful over the past few months at the HelpDesk. They are both fantastic. (I did not have Ashleigh’s email so please forward this to her)
Kevin Fritsch-Kevin is great to work with. He explains things very well, is very thorough with his research and explanations and is also very helpful.
Donald Heslop-Don is awesome. He is always calm and willing to help. He is always organized and very thorough in his work.
I appreciate all of them very much and thought you should know how wonderful they are. They all are great with their custom
er service skills and easy to work with.

Julie D'Ettore


Gibraltar has been our partner in IT from day one on the road to EMR. Planning, choosing, implementing and maintaining our transition to electronic medical records. They've been there every step of the way, and their dedication to service has been amazing. We elected to have them host our system, and have never regretted that decision. Knowing that a dedicated team of experts is available 24/7/365 to ensure our system is up and running is priceless. Cant imagine managing our IT without them. 

Mark Blecher, M.D.

Philadelphia Eye Associates

We have been a client of Gibraltar for 3 years and find that their technicians are knowledgeable, competent and polite. Every technician that we have come into contact with has been willing to go the extra mile to correct our problems and get us back up and running in the shortest time possible. I would definitely recommend this IT company to anyone looking. Adam Fogelstrom has been our go to person since the beginning and we feel fortunate to have him on our team.





Sharon Lewis

Wills Eye Surgical Center of Central New Jersey

As our office has moved to the cloud and needed any assistance in getting logged into a computer; getting the right printer set up for us in our network or getting a new employee going in our software- we have had the best support from Gibraltar. We specifically have had Ashleigh help us and she is always very good to walk us through the process and always responds quickly. thank you so much Ashleigh for your great support service. We so appreciate it all you have done for us.

Nancy Townsend

Marietta Plastic Surgery

Gibraltar IT provides excellent service. [Gibraltar] has provided our firm with reliable technical support and expert IT consulting. Their techs are fast, friendly and knowledgeable and have helped us through emergencies as well as, day to day IT needs. Since we started using [Gibraltar], our systems have been more reliable, stable and secure than before. In addition, [Gibraltar’s] monitoring services have provided insight into our systems resulting in a more proactive approach to IT issues and resolutions.

Jeff Kachel

Tower Bridge Advisors

Gibraltar has taken our office from the “dark ages” of modern computer systems, servers, and a web presence. Though we challenged them with an existing building and outdated cabling, they came through with flying colors. More than that, they have became our friends as well. We are more than impressed with Mike’s ability to resolve a long standing scanning issue. He’s our Hero!e's attention...

Tom Banister

Hunt Valley Motor Coach

I have to tell you that I have talked to some other IT providers, for price comparisons, as our contract expires in August. However, It is clear to me, just from those discussions, that the quality of staff, service and reliability we have experienced with Gibraltar are unmatched by the other companies that I have talked to. Thank you for all of your help.

Carolyn Wolf

Cosmetic Surgery by Wolf

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the opportunity to work with Gibraltar during the Philadelphia Eye Associates EHR Go Live. To date I would have to say this was the smoothest EHR Go Live that I have had the opportunity to participate in. Much of this is to be contributed to Gibraltar in helping me achieve some of Dr. Blecher’s specific training request prior to the go live such as scanning, testing etc. Bill [Slaymaker] I would not have been able to accomplish these training requests without your help and on site involvement during these training sessions prior to this Go Live. I appreciate your immediate response to any hardware issue regardless of the severity. I look forward to working with the Gibraltar team in the future.

Caroline Leinster-Davis


I wanted to thank you for getting us connected with Katie at the Helpdesk yesterday. A HUGE THANK YOU to Katie for doing her magic and for getting the HP DeskJet 5550 printer operational once we had moved and connected it to Arleen’s workstation. The sound of the HP DeskJet 5550 printer printing from her workstation is a beautiful thing. Your efforts will greatly improve everyone’s mental health around here, especially as we start printing February end of month reports on Friday! Again thanks for the excellent support! Would you please share this with Katie! P.S. Hopefully you will find your dream boat this weekend, but please do not sail away immediately!

David C van der Mark

Gunther Tours

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